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Titel: Earthrise
Untertitel: The Dawning of a New Civilization in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter: The World Parliament of Clowns 
by Angelika Schützinger ( vormals Härle) and Ekaterina Moshaeva 'Antoschka'

A Compilation of Articles by Leading Pioneer Organizations.
A Ground Breaking Book for the Evolution of Humanity!
A glimpse of the exciting and enlightening future that is possible,
which will inspire you to become an agent of change.
31 leading visionaries of Pioneer Organizations share their insights on
the emerging New Civilization based on Earth stewardship, social and
economical balance and spiritual consciousness.
This ground breaking compilation offers the wisdom of 31 cutting edge
leaders and visionaries of pioneer organizations who are instrumental in
crafting a consciousness shift in the world of human development,
business, science and politics.

Take a look for more details and order (for customers living in the
Americas) at www.worldpeace.org/Blast/earthrise.html   or
www.shoppeace.org/books.aspxl . 
Order information for customers living in Europe and Africa: please
pursue Earthrise at www.amazon.de   or www.amazon.co.uk  , or
send your order to goipeace@web.de.
Order information for customers living in Asia and Oceania:
please pursue Earthrise at www.amazon.co.jp   or send an email to
info@goipeace.or.jp .

Editor: Patrick U.  Petit
Compiled by:  The Goi Peace Foundation
Published by: Herbert Utz Publishing, Munich




Angelika Schützinger - Psychotherapie (HP)  |  AngelikaSchuetzinger@gmx.de